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The Fifth HOPE

Our fifth hacker conference from 2004 has been remastered from the original videos into a DVD format. We also have an audio disc of every talk in 128 kbps high fidelity audio. The Fifth HOPE had even more talks than H2K2, a feat that was accomplished by expanding the hours, starting talks as early as 9 am and running past midnight. There were two full tracks and an unscheduled track, along with all of the activities taking place on the second floor. Once again, the first track was known as "Area A" and the second track "Area B." The third, unscheduled (and unrecorded), track was held in "Area C" down the hall. We actually had three separate keynotes this year and all three were real attention grabbers: Kevin Mitnick, finally appearing at a HOPE conference after being legally unable to for the first four, was the Friday keynote; Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak, someone we never thought in our wildest dreams we'd be able to get to come speak at a HOPE conference, was our Saturday keynote (and he even stuck around for the retrocomputing panel); and, becoming a regular fixture at HOPE, Jello Biafra delivered the Sunday keynote. You'll find a huge variety in subject matter reflected here, from the highly technical to the highly controversial, from social issues to telephony. The Fifth HOPE was held at the Hotel Pennsylvania in New York City July 9-11, 2004.